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One time of strength type patent
type electric magnetic padlocks
of magnetic disc, at the time of
operation, quiet and silent,
replace the traditional electron to
lock. (Suitable for various kinds
of entrance guards and from the
use of controlling the entrances and
The electric magnetic padlock resists the
making device, design specially, but
operate for a long time in 24 hours of
every day.
Electron type jingle guest's reporting device, the sound is limpid, adjustable loud low voice, lengthen time, and the function of the level sound, otherwise export the power of 110V1A at the time of sports, use of very outer chirping of birds device or the low electric current signal.
One slice of regular pivots of inserting type door outside stainless steel, construction is convenient, adjustable distance, divided into two kinds:
TS-029Adjustable range26m/m~40m/m
TS-030Adjustable range40M/M~55m/m
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